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  I am particularly happy today, because today it's snowing!

  I get up a mother let me put on more clothes, I hurriedly put clothes ready to go downstairs, as soon as I go downstairs to play up! I pack a lot of snowballs, mom went downstairs to buy food after, I picked up a package of snowballs threw in the past, mother not only don't know is I throw, also back to smile to me. Such as mom go not too far away from me, I throw it again, this time mom discovered, I quickly ran away. See mom gas head like a blaze, a good laugh at me! After a while, my Cousins, together we pack a lot of snow, and the two different big snowball into the snowman's head, not a snowman heap was set up in a moment. And then we play the snow battle, each of us take throw snowball teach parents, adults also picked up a snowball throwing to the top of the head to us and feet. We also play with little cous儿童癫痫病是怎么得来的in skating, small cousin almost under a cross fork, fortunately, we helped her to get up.

  It's snowing, we play really happy!





  "It's snowing!" I shouted in surprise, large tracts of goose feather snow down, ah! Looking good! The tree, on the roof, the car is white.

  Snow from aluminium leisurely in the sky, like the white butterfly fluttered in the wind. You look! Snow girl footprint has covered throughout the world - pale green lawn snowflakes, from a distance, just like a sea of silver: of wild flowers in the small and exquisite, some snow coming into a small water droplets, as 武汉治疗癫痫病的医院if in the blossom of each white crystal diamonds, dress up the flowers; Trees covered with silver, dancing in the breeze slowly with a big burly figure, is a winter dance.

  Originally quiet garden, has now been hilarious, lively and lovely children happy frolic on the lawn, some collection white; Is going to make a lovely snowman; Some beautiful snowflakes from time to time picked up from the ground, rub and make it a light snow ball, to cast the companions: some accidentally fell covered with the snow, in a swaggering winsome snowman, how interesting sight!

  What a big snow, I like snow!






  First Snow 第一场雪

  The first fall of snow is not only an event but it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up to find yourself in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment, then where is it to be found?

  The very stealth, the eerie quietness, of the thing makes it more magical. Ifall the snow fell at once in one shattering crash, awakening us in the middle of the night the event would be robbed of its wonder. But it flutters down, soundless, hour after hour while we are asleep. Outside the closed curtains of the bedroom a vast transfbrmation scene is takiag place, just as if a myriad elves and brownies were at work, and we turn and yawn and stretch and know nothing about it. And then, what an extraordinary change it is! It is as if the house continent. Even the inside, which has not been touched, seems different, every room appearing smaller and cosier, just as if some power安康哪家医院癫痫好 were trying to turn it into a woodcutter's hut or a snug logcabin. Outside, where the garden was yesterday, there is now a white and glistening level, and the village beyond is no longer your own familiar cluster of roofs but a village in an old German fairy-tale. You would not be surprised to learn that all the people there, the speetacled postmistress, the cobbler, the retired school master, and the rest, had suffered a change too and had become queer elvish beings, purveyors of invisible caps and magic shoes. You yourselves do not feel quite the same people you were yesterday. How could you not when so much has been changed? There is a curious stir, a little shiver of excite-ment, troubling the house, not unlike the feeling there is abroad when a journey has to be made. The children, of course, are all excitement but even the adults hang about and talk to one another longer than usual before setting down to the day's work. Nobody can resist the windows. It is like being on board a ship.